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Curriculum Rationale
We offer an American education within an international context that suits the complex and diverse population of our school. Our academic program includes the core subjects of Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Islamic education as well as Social studies, Physical education, Computer Science, Music, Arts and French language. The curriculum guidelines provide the challenge, progression and rigor that helps all students to be prepared for their next level of education. Our curriculum is aligned with CCSSM/E (Common Core State Standards Math/English), NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and California State Standards, and the UAE Ministry of Education, where applicable.

Our extra-curricular activities program offers a rich variety of after school activities and clubs and academic support that provide students with a well-balanced education experience.

In addition to achieving specific academic program goals, our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills and intercultural learning. Our resulting ethos emerges as a school-wide sense of family, respect, responsibility, honesty and kindness as well as a conscious drive to maintain strong morals, sound ethics and a commitment to the development of global citizens who will become agents of change and progress in their community.

A variety of academic support programs and intervention strategies enable the teachers to fulfill the school mission to meet the identified needs of the local community through an admissions policy committed to inclusion.

The student-centered approach with interdisciplinary and differentiated teaching and learning enables students to develop their full potential. As a result of the range, diversity and progression of our rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, our students secure admissions to English medium universities.

This progression ensures the students continue their academic progress and personal development beyond school to succeed in a range of career pathways.